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The National Defence College
is Thailand’s highest educational institution on strategy and security studies. Our body consists of senior military, police and civilian officials from various governmental agencies and prominent executives from private and political sectors.

 The College was first inaugurated in 1955. At the beginning there are only military officers and civilian government officials. In 1989, the College initiated a program called “The National Defence Course for the Joint State-Private Sectors” This course is opened for executives from private sectors. In 2003, another program was introduced namely “The National Defence Course for the State, Private and Political Sectors” Since 2014, NDC combined all three courses to one called The National Defence Course. 



 To provide strategic knowledge to selected senior government officials, and prominent executives from various sectors in order to promote common understanding of 

 the mutual responsibilities in safeguarding national security and sustaining national development and prosperity.



 - To conduct courses of study involved all aspects of national security

 - To provide students with practical knowledge of national strategic planning and implementation process

 - To create and promote mutual understanding, coordination, and cooperation among members both in national security concepts and in personal relations


 Thailand National Defence College is the national premier institution on strategy and security interdisciplinary studies.

The National Defence College Board

 Acting in an advisory capacity to the College, NDC Board also prescribes rules and regulations for admission, instruction and graduation of the students. This Board is 

 chaired by the Minister of Defence with the Chief of Defence Forces as the Vice Chairman.  

The Academic Committee

 On academic matters, the Superintendent is assisted by the Academic Committee. The Committee is composed of the Superintendent as Chairman, two Deputy 

 Superintendents as Vice - Chairman, Division Directors, Faculty Advisors, and Invited Senior Alumni. The Committee would oversee and provide recommendations to 

 ensure that each course is being properly directed and kept within international standards.


 Divided into two parts:

  Part I : Orientation Session
  Part II : Main Course/ Target Course

 Duration: 11 months 

 (October - September)

The curriculum for all educational programs is divided into two parts: the orientation session and the actual course work. The first four weeks of orientation session 

 comprises lectures on basic knowledge of security and strategy, and some field trips to military installations in the country.

The remaining period of time is designed to provide sequential learning experiences and to equip students with knowledge of national strategy and its components. The 

 students are required to analyze and assess national security situations in every aspect. They should be able to integrate all of their skills learned in previous phased and 

 be able to apply all the knowledge to come up with a national strategic plan at the end of the courses.


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